Bookmarks for November 4th

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Things from around the web, as seen on November 4th

  • On Being A Senior Engineer - What does is mean to be a senior engineer? What does it take, is it just age, or is there a technical nous that makes you a senior engineer? How long will it take? John Allspaw takes on these questions in a rumination on being a senior engineer
  • AppFog vs. Heroku - A lovely overview of two major PAAS services with some examples to show you how they might differ. I'd have liked to see AppEngine on there, and maybe CloudBees, but you'll have to extrapolate your favourite PAAS yourself
  • Pallet - This looks interesting, and it got mentioned to me about 3 time in the last 2 weeks or so. Pallet is a cloud automation system, written in Clojure, that enables you to easily manage the programmatic automation of your infrastructure, either onto various cloud providers, your own virtual machines or an internal cloud.
  • Friday puzzle: Four Men in Hats - I hate this sort of question in interviews, since I'm never convinced that it teaches you anything but how to answer this sort of question. For fun though, these can often be a good bit of time wasted
  • Apollo Flight Controller 101: Every console explained - We always love graph porn, along with big visible displays, but I've always wondered about the NASA apollo displays. Famous because if it's depictions in the movies, I've always wondered who all those people are and what they do, and what exactly is displayed on those big screens. Wonder no more!
  • A Simple Plan for Writing a Powerful Blog Post in Less Than 2 Hours - A nice overview of ways to improve your blogging process. How do you come up with blog posts, and how to go about writing them. I'll be trying somethin of these this November