Bookmarks for November 7th

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Things from around the web, as seen on November 7th

  • Java 8 vs Scala: a Feature Comparison - A lovely overview of some of the nice new features coming in Java 8, most especially lambdas and parallel features making it in, and showing the drawbacks of the virtual extensions that have made it in.
  • The whiner’s room - "People who are only negative and complain aren't helping anyone." - A Challange from Seth Godin that reminds me that I can be too negative sometimes. Lets go make something great instead
  • Continuous Discovery - "In the dual-track analogy, the discovery track is continuously generating product backlog items, and the delivery track is continuously building, testing and deploying these items". Your team should be doing discovery as it goes, testing prototypes and trialling ideas, and all of the output of that should be being fed into the team so that we know what we are building and why.
  • The US election was a wake up call for data illiterate journalists - Political pundits work by being well connected with political heavyweights, but that almost ensures that they are not in touch with the reality of normal voters. Data Journalism is on the rise, and with it a rise in data journalists with data backgrounds rather than journalism backgrounds. I hope this leads to improved journalism and a better clearer view of what governments are up to
  • Introducing TCP Listen, a new API for Chrome packaged apps - The ability for Chrome apps to talk to remote servers is always handy, but the ability to host your own service can allow for some really nifty use cases.
  • HTML5 Game Development Course (CS 255) at Udacity - This looks like an interesting course coming up in early 2013. Game programming can teach you a lot about reducing your code and understanding your systems thoroughly, plus it's fun
  • Ratchet - Build interesting iOS prototypes entirely in Javascript and HTML.
    Tech aside, the way the home page shows off Ratchet's features is lovely, highlighting features as you scroll