Bookmarks for November 8th

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Things from around the web, as seen on November 8th

  • HTML5 mythbusting - Chris Heilmann covers some of the more common myths about HTML5 as a mobile app development platform.
  • Dashing - A lovely dashboard system - This looks very pretty. A lot of our dashboards tend towards the ugly and it always bothers me that we don't seem to have time to make them pretty. I love that this is pretty, but I'd need to use it in anger to know it's usefulness
  • World Of Warcraft STILL Has 10 Million Subscribers! - Some lovely sanity here from RPS. Having millions of subscribers is a success not a failure. This same thing can be said of AOL, Facebook, Twitter and other sites that pundits declare dead when early adopters move on tto something newer and shinier.
  • Publishing the Digital Strategy as a website, rather than on one - I'm firmly of the view that git and markdown is the future of text based publishing. Markdown is so simple to use and supports 99% of use cases. I'd start any cms project today with a Markdown editor first.
  • Obama Wins: How Chicago’s Data-Driven Campaign Triumphed - Even political campaigns are starting to make data driven decisions. Is your organisation doing the same thing? Are you?