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Things from around the web, as seen on November 10th

  • Could Stripe have been started in Ireland? - An interesting overview of what it is that makes Silicon Valley such a great source of startups. It's not just about seed capital and incubators, it's also about a talent pool and startup safety nets.
  • Apple’s design problems aren’t skeuomorphic - Skeuomorphism is where software interfaces look like their physical counterparts for no reason. Think Contact books that look like little black books. These can lead to inefficient user experience. This post points out that despite some of OSX's biggest criticisms being the use of Skeuomorphs, there are more fundamental usability problems behind that.
  • 9 uses for cURL worth knowing - I use curl an awful lot, for adjusting management switches, testing API responses, and checking headers and cookies. I'm always surprised to remember that not everybody knows how to do that, and remember that it took me years to get the hang of it.