Bookmarks for November 10th

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Things from around the web, as seen on November 10th

  • The Amazon EC2 Spotathon - Spot instances are very cheap bid upon computing instances. You specify a maximum amount your are willing to spend per hour, and if there is compettion for the instances the price goes up. That makes them bad for traditional web apps, because they can go away unexpectedly. If oyu have a use for instances that behave like this then enter the competition to show what you can do.
  • The Guardian and the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews fellowship - Very proud that my work place takes part in this, and we've had a great fellow here this year. Next year one of my brilliant coworkers will be an OpenNews Fellow as well.
  • Avoiding the false proxy trap - As we move towards data driven development, we need to be sure we understand data better, and that means knowing what we are measuring and what it means to measure it