Bookmarks for November 10th Through November 11th

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Things from around the web, as seen on November 10th through November 11th:

  • Paymill - We've all been waiting for Stripe to roll out to Europe for a while now, as it would be a real competitor to PayPal. The european payments market is dominated by Merchant Accounts complex application processes and of course Paypal. If Paymill's promise is true, it would make for a option for startups doing the MVP thing, fast integration for payments is invaluable.
  • George Entwistle is gone but how to rebuild confidence in the BBC? - Charlie Beckett does a brilliant summary of the BBC fiasco that lead to the director general stepping down. This is a relatively complex subject, and isn't the result of pressure from outside the BBC, but a direct result of the failure of a flagship journalistic show to do basic journalistic checks, and a management structure that was wilfully unaware, and allowed a program to go out without the required checks and balances.