Bookmarks for November 11th Through November 14th

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Things from around the web, as seen on November 11th through November 14th:

  • Doing what you can Vs. Doing what you must - What do you work on in the evenings and at weekends? What do you worry about at strange hours? Some of us work because we must, because there's a driving force inside that just wont stop.
  • Velocity vs. Quality — Tech Talk - Code Quality versus product quality. Just writing code fast, and cutting corners has compound costs, which I agree with. But what is even more expensive is doing that at a product level.
  • Status Blog — Founders’ Stories - The status blog is an important way of communicating with your users. It's helpful to have one that is external to your system, and as this story exemplifies, sometimes your status can really matter to some people
  • What we’re trying to do with Medium - Medium is a pretty new startup from Obvious. It's aiming to be a slightly longer form twitter / blog style mashup, with recommended collectons and entertaining anecdotes. It's beautifully clean and crisp, and currently in very limited beta
  • Pruning: Making room for something new - Do you treat your software and product lists like an overgrown hedge or a carefully cultured Topiary? Pruning old ideas can be important to let new things grow and reduce the maintenance burden.
  • 7 Python Libraries you should know about - Exactly as it says, these are some great libraries. Dateutil in particular I consider a requirement for all my python projects now.
  • Freeze your requirements - A nice simple intro to why you need to understand your dependencies for your app. This blog post is aimed at Python and pip users, but the moral is true for Maven, Ivy, C# and any other language with dependencies
  • Divshot - An Interface Builder for Bootstrap - Everything looks like Bootstrap at the moment, and there's a reason, it's easy to put something together that looks pretty good. But it's also easy to break the layout and make things look bad. A GUI for bootstrap webapps that works as well as this does is pretty damn amazing.
  • DOM Enlightenment - Exploring the relationship between JavaScript and the modern HTML DOM - A free version of a rather excellent looking book that talks about web development as it is today rather than what it was like in 1995.
  • Scala Second Impressions - Scala is an awesome language, but Rod says, it doesn't always make a great first impression because it merges OO and FP in such a unique way.