Bookmarks for November 16th Through November 17th

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Things from around the web, as seen on November 16th through November 17th:

  • Don’t Call It a Redesign - Bob Cohn - The Atlantic - Another news site, another rebuild of the navigation experience, and another slew of commenters saying how much they hate it. Some things never seem to change
  • Hyperlocalising news - AR is taking off, and as the Google Glass project shows, there's a lot of interest in understanding it. But are news organisations in on this? Will Perrin gives a great overview of some ideas on how AR can help make news more local
  • Helen Goodman MP is “Particularly Stupid” by Terence Eden - This is a concern. In a political climate where ministerial portfolios are passed around, how can we be sure that the minister for internet affairs has at least a basic knowledge of computing.