Bookmarks for December 21st Through January 13th

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Things from around the web, as seen on December 21st through January 13th:

  • Learn you a ScalaZ - A couple of tutorials trying to introduce you to ScalaZ, Scala's answer to common functional patterns from Haskell and Lisp.
  • How to implement an algorithm from a scientific paper - It can be fun to implement an algorithm from a paper, but selecting the right kind of papaer and doing ti well is another thing. Props for also linking off to Keshav's excellent paper on how to read a paper.
  • Micro Services: Java, the Unix Way - What can large enterprise java apps learn from unix? How about breaking your system up into small micro-services that know how to do one thing well, and an event passing mechanism to push data from one service to another? James Lewis outlines one example of doing exactly that.
  • How to Fold a Julia Fractal — - This is a beautifully done introduction to the maths behind fractals. I didn't entirely follow all the maths, but the web design is brilliantly done for this kind of tutorial.
  • Improving Twitter search with real-time human computation - "For example, suppose our evaluators tell us that [Big Bird] is related to politics; the next time someone performs this search, we know to surface ads by @barackobama or @mittromney, not ads about Dora the Explorer." - This is quite cool, but I hope the applications are for more than simply categorising ads
  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala: Impressions and Statistics - A great set of notes and statistics on the functional programming course earlier this year.