Bookmarks for January 18th Through January 23rd

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Things from around the web, as seen on January 18th through January 23rd:

  • LaunchRock - Set up a “Launching Soon” page in minutes - If you are thinking of doing a startup, knowing your market is an important part of that. Creating a signup page lets you measure interest easily.
  • iPad Hack Statement Of Responsibility - Regardless of whether you think that Weev's actions were right or wrong, this is a stirring response to what is perceived as an injustice in sentencing. Our society needs to work out what hacking actually is, and how we can deal with it appropriately.
  • The Twitter stack - A lovely overview of the Twitter JVM stack in terms of flexible architecture. Some lovely features in here. I'd most be interested in a timeline of how the stack has evolved since the ruby on rails days and how they made each jump.