Bookmarks for January 25th Through January 30th

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Things from around the web, as seen on January 25th through January 30th:

  • Why Do Americans Hate Android And Love Apple? - ReadWrite - A good description of exactly what irks android fan boys about apple fan boys. It's obviously one sided, but raises some good points.
  • Drive-by criticism must die - A great critique by @codepo8 on what twitter has done to online criticism. It's way too easy to be overly critical online, and restricting your criticism to 140 characters makes it even harder to understand any level of nuance.
    Remember, "don't be a dick"
  • How to Think About OAuth - Tim Bray - Some really good points here, especially about how to deal with the overreach of the spec, essentially by ignoring it. OAuth isn't a protocol that needs libraries with 100% spec compliance.