Bookmarks for May 19th Through August 1st

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Things from around the web, as seen on May 19th through August 1st:

  • Lanyrd now has a directory for speakers for conferences and events - You really can't complain that you can't find women to speak at your event now, since looking at almost any subject you can find a number of women speakers.
  • PEP-8, The python style guide, has been updated - Updating PEP-8 to remove tabs, lambda expressions, assumptions about CPython and much more.
    This is a pretty welcome update
  • Gone in 30 seconds: New attack plucks secrets from HTTPS-protected pages - There's a good explanation of oracle attacks in here, devastatingly simple when you stop and think about it.
  • js-sequence-diagrams by bramp - Cute. I don't find myself wanting to write sequence diagrams very often, but I like this.
  • Microsoft dev speaks up on why NT Kernel is falling behind Linux - "See, component owners are generally openly hostile to outside patches: if you're a dev, accepting an outside patch makes your lead angry (due to the need to maintain this patch and to justify in in shiproom the unplanned design change), makes test angry (because test is on the hook for making sure the change doesn't break anything, and you just made work for them), and PM is angry (due to the schedule implications of code churn). There's just no incentive to accept changes from outside your own team. You can always find a reason to say "no", and you have very little incentive to say "yes"."
    We like to think it's easy to allow whole team ownership, but it isn't. I think this perfectly indicates the problem.