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Things from around the web, as seen on August 5th

  • The Ecuadorian Library — Geek Empire — Medium - Excellent and insightful discussion of the Assange, NSA, Snowden, Wikileaks debacle.
  • CoreOS - Minimalist OS for servers - Linux has a bloat problem, and with the rise of LXC style technologies, the desire to have much simpler smaller OS images is increasing.
    CoreOS attempts to do one thing, run containers, and do it well.
  • Docker, The linux container engine - Using LXC to host process isolated containers means that you can host or run multiple applications on your server with the security benefits that cloud platforms gives you.
    Additionally it makes deployment, upgrading and monitoring much easier, and encourages the Immutable server pattern
  • Introducing Minion - An automated security testing tool - We've done unit tests, integration tests, UAT and even browser testing, but this is the first decent automated security testing framework that I've seen put together.
    Consider me highly impressed.
  • Qubes - A secure separation of concerns desktop OS - Qubes is very early in it's lifecycle, but I like the idea that you can run multiple containers side by side, enabling you to use a much more secure and locked down desktop for work stuff as well as a less secure personal desktop. It'll never be as secure as a dedicated machine, but given that I've now experienced the pain of attempting to use a secure computer, this is a good step forward.